NBB Appearing at St Johns River Blues Festival, Saturday November 17, 2012

Posted: November 3, 2012 in News

Matt “Guitar” Murphy is the headliner for the St Johns River Blues Festival, Palatka FL, November 17-18, 2012. The Nickel Blues Band is playing during the festival at Downtown Blues Bar, Saturday, November 17th, 1p-4p.

Nickel Blues Band Appearing 11/17/12 1p-4p

Learn more about the festival HERE.  

On Friday (11/2), The Nickel Blues Band attended the 1-4-5 Jam and visited with Billy Ennis at the Downtown Blues Bar. He is a great host and we enjoyed learning about his connection to the blues. Great guy, great people and we had a blast. Snapped a couple of photos of the young gun-slingers before taking the stage.


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Contact The Nickel Blues Band: NickelBluesBand@gmail.com


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